400G modulator for DR4

DR4 Thin-film Lithium Niobate Mach-Zehnder Modulator Chip

400G modulator for DR4

Product features:

● State-of-the-art thin-film lithium niobate modulator
● Low insertion loss: <12.5dB* fiber-to-fiber loss for DR4 product
● 45GHz bandwidth
● 50-Ohm termination integrated
● With power monitoring capability
● Size similar to SiPh


Key parameters:

Parameter Symbol Min Typ Max Unit
RF Vpi Vpi_RF   3 3.5 V
Insertion loss * IL   11 12.5 dB
Electro-optical Bandwidth BW 35 45   GHz
Characteristic impedance Zc 45 50 55 Ohm
Heater resistance Rhtr   95   Ohm
Thermal tuning Ppi Ppi_th   50   mW
Wavelength range λ   1310   nm
Extinction ratio
ER   20   dB
Input and output mode diameter D 3     um

* Modulation loss not included.


Product Dimensions:

Length <6000 μm
Width <4000 μm





400G modulator for DR4

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